Timeless Colour Schemes For Your Home

Choosing a colour palette for the home definitely sets the tone! It’s such a fun and exciting step for many homeowners. Whether your style is bold, elegant or neutral here are a few ideas for timeless colour schemes that we love:


This is one of our favourite interior painting colour schemes. It’s a beautiful neutral palette which is extremely versatile and flexible. These are earthy tones of greys and browns, the shade and colour is entirely up to you. Some prefer sticking by the lighter shade of grey and brown and some enjoy choosing the darker tones. These earthy colour tones provide a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating. It makes choosing furniture and decorating a much easier task! The woodland theme is also one of our favourites because it compliments our wood furniture pieces and custom projects perfectly!

Blush Pinks

A very feminine and delicate colour palette, we’ve been loving these blush pinks. It’s a fun take on neutrals and adds additional warmth to the room.

Blue Skies

We could stare at the sky forever. Everyday sunrises and sunsets brings a new set of gorgeous colours! Shade of blues are a very popular choice for this reason, the colour blue tends to be very soothing! This year, we are loving the more darker, moody blues such as navy! It’s a great way to add a pop of colour to a space!


The happiest of all colours is yellow! It’s the perfect statement piece, adding a bold pop of colour.


Terracotta is a very popular and neutral colour. The muted orange tone brings out a rustic feel to any space. It’s a great colour to incorporate in a room full of natural light!

Forest Green

Nature will always be a source of inspiration for design, especially when picking out colours! We love embracing beautiful shades of green that remind us of a luscious forest. Especially when it comes to the darker forest green tones, which are so elegant and absolutely beautiful! It’s definitely a timeless palette that works really well with neutral tones!


Imagine a rich, royal purple wall. It’s subtle however a bold choice that can easily be paired with neutrals. Purple shades bring out the warmth and creates a beautiful contrast!

Deep Red

As you can tell by now, these trending colours tend to be on the darker side. Which again, are so beautiful when paired with wood accents. This deep red shade is energizing and bold, yet it creates a cozy feel if used in a balanced way.

Whites & Greys

Whites and greys are timeless and forever trendy. We especially enjoy the more pastel greys which can be paired with any of the colours mentioned above. These colours are the go to colour scheme when wanting to keep a space simple yet beautiful!

What are your favourite colour schemes? Drop us a comment on our facebook or instagram page, we’d love to know your favourites!

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