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Project: some 2018 Custom Projects

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Project: Art Deco Entertainment Unit
Built of the Solid Hardwood of your choice the Modern styled ArtDeco Entertainment Series would look great in any Living or Rec Room. Available in Maple, Cherry, Oak and Wormy Maple . Your choice of stains. Individual Product Sku’s are SKU: Art-Deco HDTV Unit for ADHD48, SKU: Art-Deco HDTV Unit for ADHD74, SKU: Art-Deco HDTV Unit for ADHD84, SKU: Art-Deco HDTV Unit w/Hutch for ADHD74H, SKU: Art-Deco HDTV Unit for ADHD94. Dimensions & Specs. Dimensions: ADHD48: 25w x 50h x 19d Inches. – ADHD74: 72w x 30h x 20d Inches. – ADHD84: 82w x 30h x 20d Inches. – ADHD74H: 75.5w x 80h x 20d Inches. – ADHD94: 94w x 35h x 20d Inches – Material: Maple, Oak, Cherry, Wormy Maple – Stain & Finishes: Many options to choose from – Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on any Construction Defects. More details in store

Project: Canadian Pioneer Set
Built on the simple design used by the early residents of Upper Canada and using thick solid timbers this will fill many dining rooms with rustic charm. Built out of solid wormy maple with a black walnut stain and lacquer finish. It is also available in Cherry, Oak and Maple. Built with a 1.75″ thick solid wood top the table is available in many other sizes and configurations. The bench can be made to fit what table your order. This set would make a nice addition to a cottage or a farm house and would also look stunning in many homes. Individual Product Sku’s are SKU: CP42602218-Wormy Maple for Canadian Pioneer Table, SKU: CPB60-Wormy Maple for Canadian Pioneer Bench, SKU: CPS372-Wormy Maple for Canadian Pioneer Sideboard. Dimensions & Specs are Table 42w x 60L with 2″ to 18″ ext. – Bench 60w x 14h Inches. Other available widths are 72, 84, 96 Inches – Sideboard 45.5w x 72h Inches – Material: Wormy Maple – Stain & Finishes: Black Walnut Stain – Custom Materials: Maple, Oak, Cherry – Custom Stain & Finishes: Many options to choose from – Custom Table Options Available widths: 36, 42, 48, 54, 60 Inches and Available lengths 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 Inches with with 1-2 12″ or 18″ leaves – Extra Options: The sideboard comes with your choice of hardware. – Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on any Construction Defects. More details in store

Project: Custom Hutch
Another impressive custom display hutch with a lot of storage as well.

Project: Metal End Table
You may be surprised to see this piece on our website, we also have a local artisan who will build custom metal projects for us. This end table is hand hammered steel painted with an antique look.

Project: Reclaimed Table
This client seen two different tables in our show room (Distillery table & Threshing Floor table) & wanted to take the top of the Threshing Floor Table & have it on the base of the Distillery table. Voila! & we built a matching bench for them as well. Stunning!

Project: Robson Job
This Client wanted to turn a small closet into a display case as well as have an Island for her kitchen. The pictures tell the story, see before & after

Project: Rustic Living Room
We were able to furnish this entire living room with custom furniture. The client seen this style in our showroom & liked it so we designed custom pieces to their specifications for this room. They designed it so that if they move the bookcases can come along with them.

Project: 17th Century Wall Cabinet/Computer Desk
This Client owns a house that was built in 1864 and wanted a cabinet that fits in the alcove but also keeps with the original décor of their house. They needed a place for a computer for homework and also a cabinet for sewing supplies and files which we accomadated in this impressive unit.

Project: Condo Job
This Client wanted us to furnish his whole retirement condo (we have just included the custom pictures here). Broom closet: this cabinet is to act as a Pantry/Broom cabinet because the condo was short on storage space. Bookcase: on the right side of the fireplace was a alcove that we filled with customized book shelves. Hutch: on the left side of the fireplace was another alcove that they wanted filled with a custom Hutch and buffet for extra storage and a place to display her collectibles. Murphy Bed: with only 2 bedrooms and a family that lives hours away they wanted a solution for more sleeping space so we built this custom Murphy Bed with bookcase on the sides to fit into her sewing room and be as inconspicuous as possible.

Project: Custom Chair
We had a client who wanted a sleigh back chair but didn’t want it with the upholstered back so we designed it with spindles instead and the customer was delighted with it.

Project: Custom Hutch
This Hutch and Buffet was built of a standard pc. we have in our showroom with the feet and some changes to the trims so that it matches the table (as seen in pic.#2).

Project: Custom Table and Chairs
This Client Brought us a picture of a set that they had seen somewhere so we found some chairs that were very similar and customized a Pedestal for one of our standard table so that this was exactly the way they wanted it.

Project: Custom T.V. Fireplace Unit
We Built this unit to fit the clients needs and space. It has plenty of room for them to display whatever they want, combined with the T.V. and the fireplace it is an amazing piece. It compliments their house very well. Just bring in your ideas and some sizes. You can have your own custom entertainment wall unit built to your tastes and needs.

Project: Dining Table
This Client wanted us to match a pedistal to one they had seen in a picture and we built this stunning table.

Project: Fireplace Mantle (not fixed)
We were given an idea of what this client wanted, they didn’t want this mantle fixed to the wall so they could move it if they wanted to so we netched out around their trims so it looks like it is attached. It was designed of a mixure of a picture and their own personal tastes.

Project: Fireplace Mantle
The client had their home builder frame in a corner for their gas fireplace and had it installed then we came and installed the Mantle and facia over the front to create this great looking corner fireplace.

Project: Florentino Custom Table
This Florentino Table was built extra long to fill this huge Dining Room we stretched the Pedistal to accomadate the 48×120″ top with 2-18″ leaves. They also ordered the 12 leather parsons chairs to complete the set.

Project: Florentino T.v. Cabinet with lift
We have a standard T.V. Unit (Philippe) that comes with a optional lift but this client wanted a different style. They picked the Florentino Style and we built it to fit their t.v. dimensions.

Project: Philippe Style Custom Wall Cabinet
This Client liked our standard (P400) Philippe Wall Entertainment System but wanted it to fill the alcove better so we added a open bookcase in between the center unit and the standard display units to get the desired effect.

Project: Rustic Custom Sideboard with Chicken wire
This sideboard was built to the customers specs off of a standard pc. we had on our floor but instead of glass they wanted black painted chicken wire in the openings to go along with the custom finish they wanted on the outside as well.

Project: Canadianna Classic Boardroom Table and Display Cabinets
The Firm that we built this for wanted a 14′ Solid top table (with flared sides) styled like our Canadianna Classic Table along with 14 chairs and a Standard Hutch and Buffet and Tall Curio to display company paraphernalia.

Project: Florentino Sideboard/Vanity
This piece looks like a standard 2 door Florentino Sideboard but if you lift off the top it becomes a vanity.

Project: Florentino Custom Display Cabinet
This Client has a large model tractor collection that he wanted to display in his rec-room so we built this custom unit using the florentino trim as a style base.

Project: Custom Bed Unit
This Client had a house fire and had lost a unit similar to this one, so with some pictures and measurements we built a new one for her. The Headboard has book storage and above the mirror are some potlights which along with the pullout shelves at mattress height make this a standout pc.

Project: Custom Oak Table
Again this table is built for a client that brought us a picture or sketch of the pedistal they wanted then they picked out the top they wanted on it to complete this pc. for the desired look.

Project: Rustic Table and Chairs (Custom finish)
This set is a standard Rustic Table paired with Shaker Chairs but it is finished according to the customers specifications to achieve the look they wanted.

Project: Custom Bedroom Set
This Client brought us a picture of the set they wanted along with some measurements that fit their bedroom and we built this set to their specifications along with a cloth insert in the headboard.

Project: Platform Bed with Bedside stands
This Client had this pc. drawn up on a design software when he came to us so we built it as the plans and it is a impressive pc. of art.

Project: Wall Mirror Custom
We have built plenty of custom Wall Mirrors but I chose to display this one it is quitle large and impressive above the fireplace.

Project: Walnut Conference Table
This Firm wanted a table that makes a statement and this custom Table with curvier sides built from solid Walnut certainly achieves that. So just bring your ideas and we will build a table for your conference room to make your own statement.

Project: Custom Bath
This client wanted to renovate her bath with a rustic theme so we designed a rustic Pine vanity (they supplied the sink) then also built custom matching Pine trim for the window and door as well the completed project is quite stunning.

Project: Mission Custom T.V. Unit
For this room the client wanted a piece that would hold there t.v. but also work as a room divider and it had to be mission to match the rest of there furniture. So we designed this unit which will conceal the t.v. for a formal dinner and then raise it out for the game friday night. Picture (1) is the front /t.v. out , Pic.(2) is the finished back/ t.v. out and Pic.(3) is from the side with the t.v. concealed.

Project: Mission Corner Fireplace Unit
This pc. transforms the living room in this condo and adds a spot of warmth and comfort with the fireplace. It as made out of quarter sawn Oak and built in the Arts and crafts style.

Project: Oak Built in Hutch and Buffets
These two beautiful Hutch and Buffets offer a great amount of storage and also look fantastic on either side of the door. The client brought in her ideas and a rough sketch and we took it from there the final result is what you see in the picture.

Project: Modern Custom Table
This Client had seen a similar table but it came from South America and had a multi year waiting list so he came to us with his idea’s and together we built the table of his dreams. With a solid Cherry top and the stainless spacers under the top this is a truly breathtaking table and would look great in any house. It could be made in most any sizes.

Project: Receptionists Desk
This Desk was custom built for a Law Firm’s front office in the reception area. It is handcrafted from solid Maple and behind the raised panel front are drawers and computer spaces. We can build to fit any space and any requirements.

Project: Custom Vanity
We worked with this client to design the best cabinetry for there bathroom, the tower beside the vanity has pullout drawers behind the door, the Linen tower beside the door has a pullout laundry bin at the bottom & the small cabinet beside the toilet has pullout shelves for toilet paper etc. All this painted in a light grey paint looks absolutely stunning.

Project: Hentergartner
This customer wanted to have a desk in their living room with the ability to hide it when hosting parties so this is what we with their help designed for their space as well as the T.v. Cabinet to match it.

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