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Our wood furniture is all handcrafted by local craftsmen out of solid kiln dried wood and if you keep your humidity levels between 35% and 45% it will not shrink or crack. But if for some reason your furniture does not stand up to normal everyday use we offer a 10 Years Limited Warranty on any construction defects. Remember this is wood not metal so it can be dented and scratched. If some piece has received misuse we are not responsible for it and the warranty will be voided.

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1. Store Pick Up: You can pick up the furniture yourself but as this furniture is handcrafted piece by piece and doesn't arrive in a container from a foreign place we do not have boxes for the furniture but expect you to bring your own blankets to wrap it in, bring plenty for safe transit.

2. Delivery Within 250km From Our Store: We offer delivery to most Southern Ontario based on your distance from Millbank at an extra fee. Our furniture is blanket wrapped to save waste from packing and our delivery men are quick and professional.

3. Outside Our Southern Ontario Delivery Range: For any customers outside our Southern Ontario delivery range we use a local shipping company and wrap the furniture in cardboard and foam to protect it. Alternatively, you can coordinate to have a company of your choice pick it up here from us. We will need to quote this shipping and/or packaging for you based on your order size, packaging needs, and available logistics in your area.

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The Jaclyn Euro Top Plush mattress offers a quality sleep experience with a blend of luxury, comfort, and support. The mattress features a Euro top, providing a perfect balance between plush comfort and firm support. With a mattress height of 14.5 inches, cushioning layers of gel and foam and tri-zoned individually wrapped coils work in concert to give your body extraordinary support and pressure relief while delivering a luxurious sleeping surface.

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    The Delight Motion Base features the best in options, connectivity, convenience, and price. This motion base is constructed from high quality materials and features Head and Foot up/down, massage, cordless remote, Bluetooth connectivity for app remote, underbed lighting, adjustable leg heights, pre-set and programable position adjust with an 850lb lift capacity.

    The Rise Motion Base features a remote-controlled motion base for comfort and convenience. This motion base is constructed from high quality materials with 13” high legs and features Head up/down, Pre-set Return to Flat position button and with an 850lb lift capacity.

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  • Single Foundation *

    Single – 2″ Foundation Height – K4524-MBD2-S $279.00
  • Single Foundation *

    Single – 5″ Foundation Height – K1098-P5-S $279.00
  • Single Foundation *

    Single – 9″ Foundation Height – K1098-P9-S $279.00
  • Single XL Foundation *

    Single XL – 2″ Foundation Height – K4524-MBD2-SXL $289.00
  • Single XL Foundation *

    Single XL – 5″ Foundation Height – K1098-P5-SXL $289.00
  • Single XL Foundation *

    Single XL – 9″ Foundation Height – K1098-P9-SXL $289.00
  • Single XL Foundation *

    Delight Motion Base Single XL – K1902-ADJ-SXL $1,789.00
  • Single XL Foundation *

    Rise Motion Base Single XL – K1903-ADJ-SXL $1,039.00
  • Full Foundation *

    Full – 2″ Foundation Height – K4524-MBD2-F $309.00
  • Full Foundation *

    Full – 5″ Foundation Height – K1098-P5-F $309.00
  • Full Foundation *

    Full – 9″ Foundation Height – K1098-P9-F $309.00
  • Full Foundation *

    Delight Motion Base Full – K1902-ADJ-F $2,029.00
  • Full Foundation *

    Rise Motion Base Full – K1903-ADJ-F $1,229.00
  • Queen Foundation *

    Queen – 2″ Foundation Height – K4524-MBD2-Q $349.00
    Queen Split – 2″ Foundation Height – K4524-MBD2-QS $499.00
  • Queen Foundation *

    Queen – 5″ Foundation Height – K1098-P5-Q $349.00
    Queen Split – 5″ Foundation Height – K1098-P5-QS $499.00
  • Queen Foundation *

    Queen – 9″ Foundation Height – K1098-P9-Q $349.00
    Queen Split – 9″ Foundation Height – K1098-P9-QS $499.00
  • Queen Foundation *

    Delight Motion Base Queen – K1902-ADJ-Q $2,029.00
  • Queen Foundation *

    Rise Motion Base Queen – K1903-ADJ-Q $1,229.00
  • King Split Foundation *

    King Split – 2″ Foundation Height – K4524-MBD2-KS $579.00
  • King Split Foundation *

    King Split – 5″ Foundation Height – K1098-P5-KS $579.00
  • King Split Foundation *

    King Split – 9″ Foundation Height – K1098-P9-KS $579.00
  • King Split Foundation *

    Delight Motion Base Split King – K1902-ADJ-SK $2,579.00
  • King Split Foundation *

    Rise Motion Base Split King – K1903-ADJ-SK $2,079.00


  • Single Mattresses *

    Jaclyn Plush Single – K8470-NFETS $1,219.00
  • Single XL Mattresses *

    Jaclyn Plush Single XL – K8470-NFETSXL $1,339.00
  • Full Mattresses *

    Jaclyn Plush Full – K8470-NFETF $1,419.00
  • Queen Mattresses *

    Jaclyn Plush Queen – K8470-NFETQ $1,529.00
  • King Split Mattresses *

    Jaclyn Plush King – K8470-NFETK $2,109.00

6 to 10 weeks building time from payment

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jaclyn plush specifications

Construction Euro Top Pocket Coil mattress with Plush Support
Quilt & Upholstery Package 22 oz Wool & Hollo Fiber
Micro Gel
Plush Foam
BluTek Gel Visco Bumper
Plush Foam
Interior Details 1250 Pocket Coils with Posturized Centre Third
Airflow Surround Foam Encasement
Flexatron Pad
Cooling Fabric Yes
Mattress Height 14.5″
Adjustable Base Friendly Yes
Origin Made in Canada
Warranty 10 Year non-prorated Warranty

2″ foundation specifications

Interior Material Wood and Metal
Exterior Material Fabric
Profile Ultra-Low
Foundation Height 2″

5″ foundation specifications

Interior Material Wood and Metal
Exterior Material Fabric
Profile Low
Foundation Height 5″

9″ foundation specifications

Interior Material Wood and Metal
Exterior Material Fabric
Profile Regular
Foundation Height 9″


Massage Dual 3 Pulse with timer
Adjustable Multiple zone head and feet
Controller Wireless or App
Leg Height 4″, 7″, 11″
Low-Profile Yes
Lighting Underbed
Frame Steel


Massage No
Adjustable Head
Controller Wired
Leg Height 13″
Lighting No
Frame Steel
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