Modern Farmhouse Design Tips!

Bold details and clean lines are a few elements to easily distinguish a modern farmhouse. A simple rule to keep in mind when putting together this space is the 60-30-10 rule.

Starting with the 60%, which is typically a warm white base colour that goes with everything! Picking a light colour provides flexibility to a space and it allows you to change things up whenever you feel like it. The 30% part is a combination of earth tones, such as tan, grey, green or any other neutral colour of your choice. This brings out a natural feel to the space and adds that “country” atmosphere to the room. Lastly, the 10% of the rule is the bold and dark tones. As an example, we find it essential to add black metal accents. The dark industrial elements complete the modern farmhouse style. Black metal can be extremely elegant if balanced properly in a space.

The Perfect Picture:

Imagine a lovely modern farmhouse kitchen, with beautiful light walls, maybe a shiplap accent wall, hardwood floors, a beautiful neutral kitchen with wood beams embracing the room. Incorporate the 60-30-10 rule, by adding a few darker toned decor pieces. Maybe incorporate two wood floating shelves against the neutral backsplash. It’s a simple way to add earthy tones to the kitchen while functional. It can also be a great space to feature your favourite ceramics.

Bar Stools:

Another practical yet decorative piece can be the barstools! Take a look at our Yonge St. barstools, it’s a terrific combination of wood and industrial accents, which is perfect for a modern style farmhouse! Take a look at the picture below or click on the picture for more info!

The 60-30-10 rule is simple and effective for any room of the house. We’ve seen many struggle at the 10% rule, which is the bold and dark accents. It may sounds scary to add such dark tones to a bright room, but that’s exactly why the dark tones are essential. A bright room needs balance and contrast for the light elements to stand out. Simply add dark toned picture frames, lamps, plant pots or lighting fixtures. They are small decorative pieces yet adds the right amount of contrast.

Light Fixtures:

We noticed light fixtures have such an impact in a room. We really enjoy light fixtures that have a country look to them such as the swing arm lamps! They are extremely versatile and can be used in any room, they also come in a variety of colours. We also enjoy chandeliers, specifically the wagon wheel chandelier. It’s the perfect light fixture for a farmhouse and it’s also a great statement piece.

Barn Doors Entertainment Unit:

Let’s not forget about barn doors, take a look at our new entertainment unit. A beautiful, solid wood entertainment unit with stunning barn doors! It also features wood shelves and industrial hardware, which goes beautifully with the modern farmhouse concept. For more information about the Barn Door Entertainment Unit, please contact us at 519-595-7105

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