Modern Custom Kitchen Ideas + Find out how we can build and install your dream kitchen!

In this article we’ll be covering how to achieve a custom modern kitchen look. Feel free to contact us and find out how we can build and install your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Layout

Modern kitchens typically have a very sleek and simple look to them, to emphasis the modern style. So the layout is generally straight with no curves to it. Modern kitchens are straight to the point and very functional while looking stylish and timeless.

Cabinet Panels

When comparing cabinet panels from other kitchen styles, modern cabinet panels are usually “flat”. What we mean by that is definitely not boring, they just do not have patterns to them. The cabinet panels will contribute a major part to keep with the sleek theme throughout the kitchen. Flat cabinet panels will bring out that simple and smooth style and is essential in any modern kitchen.

Frameless Cabinets

Another tip for modern kitchen is a frameless cabinet. Take a look at a traditional or farm house type cabinets, they are framed and have patterns to them. When thinking modern, you want to keep it as simple and sleek as possible. So choosing frameless cabinets will make a big impact in your modern kitchen. We are mainly focusing on the cabinets because they are the biggest visual part of a kitchen. In the end, choosing the cabinet you love will determine which style of kitchen you prefer!

Cabinet Hardware

Hardware for cabinets is another important factor, again, going with something simple is your best bet. When we design and build a modern kitchen, we really love the flat linear hardware. They make a statement with the simple cabinets and you can also choose from different metal finishes. For an extra modern touch, we like the combination of the flat hardware on the upper cabinets with that “no hardware look” built in the lower cabinets. Combining hardware styles will help keep the modern theme going and visually looks more appealing and sleek.

Modern Kitchen Colours

Another essential element to pay attention to is the colour, modern kitchens can be almost any colour you want, with the right cabinets and countertop. Our favourite colour combos are:

– Whites, greys + wood accents

– A sleek deep wood stain + a solid white countertop

– All white kitchen + maple wood accents

– Navy wood stain + white countertop

As you can tell, we love our neutral kitchens. We also love a strong bold kitchen, such as a navy coloured one! Navy works beautifully with white and wood accents. Let us know what colour combos you love! We are experienced kitchen builders and installers, and we are more than happy to build your dream kitchen. Contact us today to find out how you can design your dream kitchen with us and actually enjoy the process! We’ve put together an organized and visual process for our clients to see what the end result will look like before any building or installing starts. To see more projects we’ve worked on, click here to visit our custom kitchen website.

Modern Furniture

Choosing quality pieces for your kitchen is another great investment to make, take a peek at a few of our pieces. We have many more dining sets styles on our websites. Click here to view more.

Baxter Dining Room

Fifth Avenue Dining Room

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