Minimalistic and Easy to Clean Dining Space

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You might of heard about a little movement called minimalistic. Minimalism (in a home) is the way of life to enjoy each space, without feeling stressed and overwhelmed by cluttered rooms. We’ll be talking about one room at the time in our minimalism series, so first up is the dining space.

Less Clutter = Less Stress

This way of life isn’t about following rules of decor but more about putting together a space that is visually appealing to you, easy to clean and choosing quality pieces over quantity. To start, simply eliminate clutter by either storing it away, donating or throwing it out. The dining table seems to always attract a ton of clutter, make sure the surface of the table stays clear most of the time. By keeping surfaces clean, the dining room will immediately be more appealing and of course, easy to clean.

For simplicity and efficiency, we recommend a sideboard beside the dining table, to store things away in the dining space. Below you will see a small peak of our various sizes and styles of sideboards that provide lots of storage.

Stockholm Dining Room Set

Inspired by Scandinavian style, this set has a perfect balance of sleek edges and smooth curves. Stunning craftsmanship and quality wood that brings a natural and organic feel to the dining space. Lots of storage for a minimalistic space and a centre glass covered to feature a special piece(s).

The Acton Sideboard

Socrates Sideboard

Nature is the best decoration

Minimalism decor is very simple, again no specific rules. We enjoy bringing nature, as decor, in our dining space. Such as fresh flowers, plants, making a unique arrangement with branches or even bring in special rocks that have a unique design to them. Another way to bring nature in your dining space is wood, wood floorings, beams, kitchen cabinets and furniture. Take a look at our wood furniture, our dining table sets will bring the combination of comfortable chairs, a sideboard with storage and a quality table for the whole family to enjoy a meal together. Here are a few tables you might like

The Acton Central dining room

The Socrates dining room

Florence Dining set

Wall decor

We all have spices laying on our counters, a simple and affordable way to store the following is in glass jars. They can easily be found at any grocery store, and some of them even sell them by the dozen! Glass storage creates breathable storage and doesn’t create a block of clutter. The see through glass is a smart storage solution and helps to keep surfaces clear and easy to clean.

Glass storage

Just like anything else, keeping the walls clear and simple will help to keep the whole dining space visually appealing and less cluttered. We suggest using simple art or just keeping it simple with nice painted walls. We enjoy paintings of nature, they are soothing and will never go out of style.

We hope these simple tips will help you put together a simple and minimalistic dining space. Stay tuned for more ideas on how to create a minimalistic living room, bedroom and bathroom!

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