Maximize Your Living Room Space + Our Favourite Modern Furniture Pieces

Decluttering your home is always beneficials when decorating and adding new pieces to your home, it will surprise you how much space there is to work with! Let’s first tackle your living room and create a beautiful modern space!

Living rooms should be all about comfort, and to create that super comfortable space we have to start by organizing the room first, so you’ll never have to do it again! I’ll just go ahead and assume you love a clean living room, our top tips to you is to have storage! The most simple, useful and decorative way to do that is to include an entertainment unit. They contain a lot of storage and give your space a sense of style!

Our favourite modern entertainment units

1. Brooklyn Entertainment Unit

This unit adds simplicity and elegance to a space. Because of the modern and sturdy legs style, this piece provides a breathable design and gives the illusion of taking less space while providing a lot of storage.

Brooklyn Entertainment Unit

2. Florentino Entertainment Unit

We adore the molding details of this unit, it’s such a classic and sophisticated piece! The details of the Florentino unit was inspired by the Spanish Caribbean, it’s a beautiful piece for anyone who wants the perfect balance of character and modern style!

 Florentino Entertainment Unit

3. Contempo Entertainment Unit

This unit is simple and beautiful, it’s a stunning unit for homes who want storage and a solid piece of furniture!

 Contempo Entertainment Unit

4. Hudson Valley Entertainment Unit

While being timeless and elegant, the hudson valley provides functionality and is customizable to fit any space! We love this piece for being a perfect balance of sophistication and usability!

 Hudson Valley Entertainment Unit

Now that we’ve got you covered for the storage portion of the living room, let’s add another functional piece that’s for your drinks and snacks to place on a table! We love having a table in the living room because it’s not only useful when drinking a cup of tea but it’s also decorative.

We love to decorate living spaces with fresh flowers or plants, not only do they bring life and colour to your space but they also act as an air purifier! Our favourite tables are:

Simple & Decorative Tables

These are 3 of our favourite tables that have a simple and elegant design. Each tables have different styles, sizes and colors to choose from. We love to provide choices and offer an enjoyable experience!

1. Georgetown Living Room Collection

 Georgetown Living Room Collection

2. Demilune Coffee Table Set

Demilune Coffee Table Set

3. Shaker Living Room Tables

Shaker Living Room Tables

Beautiful with Storage table

And these are 3 of our top tables that provide storage and have a modern design. We love adding extra storage without taking away from the beautiful design!

1. Tranquil Living Room Tables

 Tranquil Living Room Tables

2. Bayville Living and Entertainment Unit

 Bayville Living and Entertainment Unit

3. Marsten Living Room Tables

 Marsten Living Room Tables

To maximize functionality and keeping everything tidy, we love adding beautiful boxes on random shelves. This will not only make your space more organized, it will also add to your decor, win win! Keep in mind any of these furniture pieces are customizable to your taste, from colors to sizes and styles!

We would love to see how you put your modern living room together, tag us on any social media platform and feel free to share with us your tastes and creative ideas! If modern styles aren’t your cup of tea, we got you covered! We have a great article talking about creating rustic living spaces with our favourite pieces – click here to read it

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