Living room trends we are loving + styling tips

We love when a space embraces a combination of character and modern elements. It becomes more complex and unique to each person’s taste and style. In the past year, there were a few living room trends that really stood out to us! In this article we’ll share two different styles that we love.

Country house inspired living room:

We love everything country house related, it’s always a very cozy space with warm and inviting details. There are a few essentials in order to get this look right, starting with the walls and flooring. The walls are generally simple and warm tones, such as yellows, creme’s, white tones and such. That ensures keeping a simple base to work with. For the flooring there are a lot of options. We prefer hardwood planks, since they are generally wider and make a strong statement. As for the shade of the floors that’s entirely up to you and the colour scheme you are going with.

The next step is adding wood accent and furniture. Wood is a must have when putting together a country inspired space. You can add as much or as little wood accents as you see fit. We love to add a strong statement piece such as a bold coffee table in the middle of the room surrounded by a warm or neutral tone sofa.

We really enjoy the Balustrade coffee table in this kind of setting, here’s a little peek:

To make the room complete, add a few personal and unique touches that makes the space feel like you. We personally do that by simple adding vintage decor, a few books and family pictures. To enhance any decor you might already have, you can spray paint them a cooper, white or any other shade of colour you prefer. By simply doing so, you ensure the pieces fit better into your space.

Neutral and chic inspired living room:

This is a trend that is absolutely stunning. We love neutral spaces with a modern twist. Again starting off with the walls, there are a lot of options to go with. We enjoy the darker tones for this one, such as navy, dark forest green or any dark jewel tone. Darker walls are always more chic and create a modern look to the space without overstyling. We recommend this only if you have a couple windows in the space, if not your living room will seem too dark. We also recommend a stunning coffee table that is elegant and modern such as the Shaker living room tables. These tables are designed with sleek and simple details. The sturdy wood piece with the darker stain brings a very modern and elegant look to the living room. To complete this space, simply style the living room with beautiful and green house plants. Add a sleek and modern light fixture to achieve a stunning neutral and chic living room.

Shaker Living Room Tables

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you’ll let us know what kind of living room style you prefer!

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