Interior Inspiration: Kitchen Organization

We love making delicious home cooked meals for the family and gathering around the dinner table. Sharing stories and creating beautiful memories together. But let’s be honest, if the kitchen isn’t organized properly, this beautiful picture can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are a few organization systems that helped us make cooking enjoyable!

Kitchen Spices

We struggled with this one in our kitchen. We typically buy spices in bulk or in bigger containers that take up a lot of space. The problem is, each container is a different shape and size. Which can be difficult to organize. Sometimes spices get lost behind each other and… well you get the point, it’s a mess.

We quickly realized this needed to be systemized for our own sanity. Like many homeowners, we tried a few different systems and we found one that works for us. Having all the spices in one place was the main priority. We also wanted to see all the spices and not have to search for them when cooking. We didn’t want to repeat the peekaboo-where-are-you-system. That’s where the spice drawer comes in, it’s as simple as it sounds. All the spices in one custom spice tray. We’ve also purchased a few glass jars to pour our spices in and there we have it. Here’s an example of a custom built spice drawer we’ve built. Contact us today if you’d like to know more about custom built kitchen details just like this one.


We wanted to make the most of our kitchen and if this wasn’t clear yet, we have a thing for drawers. Most pre-made drawer trays leave a lot of awkward empty spaces that aren’t usable. Similar to the spice drawer above, we custom built solid wood cutlery trays. We measure the drawer in question and make it as functional as possible. Here’s one example of a custom cutlery tray we’ve built:

Recycling & Trash

Recycling and trash cans are too bulky and awkward to be out and about in the kitchen. So naturally, we’ve built a custom drawer system for that too. The trash pull out drawer is not only very functional, but keeps our kitchen tidy and organized. We love how easy it is to have two different cans in one drawer. Makes the sorting of trash and recycling that much easier. Here’s an example of a custom pull out drawer we’ve built:

The Awkward Kitchen Corner

We’ve all got that awkward kitchen corner that once our trash cans occupied. But it’s typically not spacious enough for most furniture pieces. So how can we make the most of it? We personally love floating shelves, they’re very versatile and functional. There are many design options for floating shelves, we really like the idea of a floating desk in the kitchen. Here’s an example of one we’ve custom built:

Contact us today to find out more about our custom furniture process. We would love to work with you and make your kitchen more functional and a dream to cook in!

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