Interior Ideas: Dining Tables

Round, square, rectangle. It can be really hard to pick the perfect shape of table that is right for you and your space! Of course there are pros and cons to every shape of table, but here are a few reasons why we love round tables.

Good For Conversations

We’ve all been that person sitting at one end of the rectangular table, feeling left out of the conversation happening at the opposite end. With round tables everyone faces the center of the table, making it easier for everyone to participate in the conversations. No more feeling left out!

Did you know round tables create a feeling of openness? Encouraging you to converse with others and it makes for a more pleasant dining experience.

Great For Small Spaces & Breakfast Nook Inspiration

Round tables are a great go to with small spaces or when designing a breakfast nook! Their small footprint creates more space around the table for people to move easily.

Not only that, but most round tables have a pedestal instead of harvest leges. This creates a feeling of even more space!That’s not all! Because everyone is sitting at a slight angle to those next to them, instead of shoulder to shoulder like at a rectangular table, there is less of a crowded feeling.

That being said, please know that a round table may not be the best choice for large gatherings. Yes, you can still see everyone with a large round table, but everyone is further away and you may have to yell across the table to be heard. Not only that, most dining rooms are not large enough to hold a large round table.

Perfect For Tiny Humans

Today’s goal: keep the tiny humans alive!

A round table can be your biggest ally. Round tables have no corners to bonk their little heads on, making them a great choice for families!

Ideal For Playing Board Games or Cards

Is there anything more annoying than not being able to reach the board or cards while playing a game? The round table provides a common center area that is easy for everyone to reach! Problem solved.

Canadian – Local Custom Build Projects

We would love to work with you and make your dream dining table come to life! We can custom build tables that would fit smaller spaces to larger ones. We’ll work with your space so the furniture will be a perfect fit! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, as we have a great team of professionals who are ready to help!

If you’d like to get inspired for future projects, take a look at a few projects we’ve built. You can also find our latest projects or furniture pieces on our facebook page, click here and instagram page, click here. Give us a follow to see our most recent projects!

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