How to Pick The Right Bar Stools or Counter Stools

Choosing the perfect bar stools for your kitchen can be a challenge. There is a lot to consider, do you want a wooden stool or maybe upholstered? The options don’t stop there. Let’s first start by covering the basics.

Choose Your Height

The last thing anyone wants is a bar stool that is too tall or too short! Picking the wrong height of bar stool can make it uncomfortable but not only that, it will look disproportionate to your counter. There are two standard sizes of bar stools, let’s take a closer look!

Counter Height Stools

The first height of bar stools is called counter height. Counter height bar stools sit at 24” – 26” from floor to seat. These bar stools pair best with counter tops at 36” high off the ground, which is standard height for kitchen counters and islands.

Regular Bar Stools

Regular bar stools are taller than counter height stools, they sit at 30” high from floor to seat. They pair best with a counter that is 42” high. 42” high is standard height for pub tables or bars.

How Many Bar Stools Will Fit in my Space?

While we eat, drink and socialize, we don’t want to be bumping elbows with the people beside us! The rule of thumb is to leave around 24” per barstool. Keep in mind that if your bar stool swivels or has arms, you will need a little more than 24” to accomodate.

Functionality and Style

Stools aren’t just pretty, you need them to be functional! Each style has their own pros and cons, but there is alway one that will best fit your needs!


Let’s start with one of the most common bar stool designs, the simple backless bar stools. Backless bar stools are a great option for smaller spaces and can be kept hidden under the counter to keep a clean, open feeling. However, backless bar stools are not the most comfortable for sitting for long periods of time. Lastly, be cautious using backless bar stools with young children.

Swivel Stools

A lot of barstools are available with or without the swivel function. The swivel can be handy when getting on and off the bar stools and they are fun! One thing to be aware of with swivel bar stools is they usually get spun into the countertop which can cause damage to both the countertop and the bar stool. With young children this is more likely to happen, and the possibility that they could hurt themselves.

Upholstered Bar Stools

Upholstered bar stools are covered in fabric or leather with cushion or padding, which is why they are considered to be one of the most comfortable options. They are a great choice if you, and or your guests, are going to be using them for long periods of time. Plus, they are fun! You can easily add a pop of colour or a cool pattern to your space. However, when considering upholstered bar stools please keep cleaning in mind. Leather you can easily wipe, but some fabrics may not be so forgiving, be sure to pay attention to fabric cleaning codes.

Wooden Stools

Last but not least, wooden bar stools. Wooden bar stools are a favourite, they are solid and will last the test of time! They are low maintenance, just dusting them every once in a while is all you need. If you spill, a quick wipe with warm water will do the trick!

The really fun part about shopping with us, is that we bring you options! For our bar stools you can pick the style you love in the height you need, the colour that will match your palette perfectly. We also have upholstered options with an abundance of fabrics and leathers to choose from!


Here are two examples of stunning kitchen stools that we built!

Our customer picked out six navy chairs to go around their kitchen island. These elegant chairs add a beautiful pop of colour and the perfect contrast with its darker legs, that matches the light fixture flawlessly. This is a great way to style your kitchen while adding comfort and functionality!

Another great example is this gorgeous kitchen, that is focusing on white and wood tones! Creating a cozy and warm feel to the space. This customer picked out three countertop chairs that perfectly matched with the stain of the kitchen island.

Whether you’d like to mix modern with traditional, add a pop of colour or go completely traditional! Whether you’d like to have a chair all around the kitchen island or just on one side of the island! There’s no right or wrong here, it’s really about what feels right in your kitchen, and what is most comfortable to you!

If you’d like to get more inspiration for custom furniture, click here. We love working with our customers and making their dream furniture come to life!

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