How to make a small space feel more spacious

small space feel more spacious

Many homeowners struggle to make a small space feel bigger, such as those bonus rooms. Although they are often short on square footage, we believe, even the tiniest space could feel light and roomy. Generally speaking, these spaces are often transformed into an home office, laundry room, kids playroom, pantry, breakfast nooks, library room and the list goes on.

Neutral & light colours

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to a space. Not to mention how light colours make such a difference on how large or small the room feels. This solution is budget friendly and a very easy way to start this reno. We recommend adding a few dark earth tones in your decor pieces to create contrast and depth for a more spacious feel.

Walls and doors

In order to visually extend the room, we suggest incorporating a glass door. This is a great way to eliminate visual barriers and make the small space part of your home. As a result, the small room will also benefit from more natural light pouring from inside the home. It’s almost like adding a window, but from the inside of your home. We enjoy the idea of glass doors, especially for the kids playroom. It’s a great way to keep an eye on the kids while minimizing the noise for the rest of the house, especially when entertaining.

The illusion of space

Natural light is a simple yet effective way of creating the illusion of space. Regardless of window(s) dimension or possible glass door, we recommend incorporating a mirror. For best results, try selecting a large mirror and place it on the longest wall. By doing this, you ensure more natural light spills into the space. You can also use any light reflective materials to get similar results, such as metallic surfaces and decor!

What happens if the small room doesn’t have any windows? We recommend incorporating natural light, light bulbs that will brighten up the space. Light fixtures are a beautiful yet efficient way to decorate a smaller room. Plus, if you go ahead and incorporate light reflective materials such as a mirror we mentioned above, the mirror will also help spread the light evenly, making the space feel larger.


Storage is key when dealing with a smaller space, we recommend custom built-ins and shelves to keep the space organized and clean. Feel free to contact us today to find out about the options we provide to make your custom dreams come to life. Click here for more information about our custom built-in process.

Whether the space in question is lacking square footage, natural light or a sense of purpose. Any space can be completely transformed into a beautiful, helpful room with these tips, regardless of how tiny it is. Which rooms in your home need a makeover? Click here to see custom built ideas that may inspire you for future renos!


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