Get Your Dream Walk-in Closet Custom Built by Millbank Family Furniture

Building a custom walk-in closet is such a fun and personal project! Our team of professionals will be there every step of the way to ensure we provide the latest options, designs and ideas. Here are the first few steps when building a walk-in closet.

Closet Shapes

This is a very important step that will determine how much space you’ll have to customize. The most popular and traditional shapes are the “L”, “I” and “U” shapes.

Small Closets: The “l” shape is ideal when working with a smaller closet space. It’s a great way to maximize your space and have room for all your needs. It’s also a versatile shape that can be used for bigger closets such as a “his & hers” closet.

Medium Closets: The “L” shape requires 2 walls which provides lots of space for any storage or design ideas you’d like to incorporate.

Large Closets: The “U” shape is one of the largest sized closets that requires 3 walls. This shape will be designed with built in shelves, drawers etc. on all three walls, which will give you the most storage & space.

Closet Storage

Once the shape of the closet is figured out, we’ll move on to designing the built ins, hello storage! We have many options to choose from such as custom built cabinets, shelving, jewelry armoire, shoe rack or cabinet, hanging space and more. This is a great way to customize your closet to your personal needs and make the space more functional for you!


Adding a built in mirror is not only practical so you see what you look like, the reflection of the mirror adds the illusion of more space. This is a must for us because it saves us so much time and adds a complete look to the closet.

Closet Island

For additional storage we recommend adding an island with lots of built in drawers. A closet island screams luxury, yet extremely functional and can double up as a work space area.

Custom Built Bench

No room for a closet island? No worries, we can build a beautiful custom bench with storage. A bench is very practical when getting ready and it’s a great way to add additional storage, sounds like a win-win!

Light Fixtures

Choosing a beautiful chandelier will surely add a touch of luxury to the closet. It’s a practical way to decorate the closet and having a little fun with it.

Closet Paint

Most closets don’t have windows with natural light pouring in. So our favourite go-to colour for walk-in closet are white tones. A classic colour scheme that adds brightness and contrast to the space.

Trendy: Laundry Room in Walk-In Closet

We love this trend because it’s so useful! Having the laundry room and walk-in closet in one space saves a lot of time and looks really beautiful!

Are you planning to build a custom walk-in closet? Contact us today, our team of professionals are more than happy to help or answer any questions you may have.

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