Get more done by being minimalistic and stress-free + Our favourite song at the moment!

Life can easily be overwhelming and stressful sometimes, especially when we keep adding tasks to our “to do” list. Some tasks keep being pushed to the next day and never ever get done. We can all relate to it, we’ve all been there and some of us are there, right now. Over the years we’ve learned a few tricks on how to calm the mind and slow down. Surprisingly, by doing so, we got a lot more done! The idea is to pay attention to our daily priorities and the rest can be put on hold. Urgency creates a sense of high stress combined with pressure. It can easily get rough if you put that kind of urgency on everything. So let’s be okay with baby steps!

1. Prioritize

Like we just mentioned, prioritizing daily or weekly tasks is key to having relaxing days! No one can avoid chaos forever, but it’s definitely manageable. Start simple with making a list of your daily must do’s. It can be a list on your mobile device or simply by writing it down on a piece of paper. Take the time each morning or evening to make that list carefully and eliminate unnecessary tasks that will just clutter your day. Cross off each task as you accomplish them, it will feel awesome! Plus, at the end of the day you will have a sense of purpose because you got so much done!

2. Declutter

Decluttering your mind is one thing, but what about the “things” that surrounds it. Meaning, the space you spend most of the time in. It could be your home, bedroom, office…Combination of all three? Think about it. As humans we tend to collect things that we don’t need. Dedicate a day to do a little cleaning and declutter. We’ve never heard someone complain about feeling stressed because a room is clean, why is that? Simply put, we all enjoy a clean space!

3. Nature

Most of us really enjoy nature, until some insects decide to crash our party. Nature has a lot of elements that makes us tranquil. Enjoy a few indoor plants in your space, it will bring a sense of being outdoors. Plus, plants have air purification benefits that everyone should appreciate.

4. Wood

Wood is another outdoor element that we love. Enjoying wood furniture or accents will tie everything together in your space and will bring a sense of minimalism. We enjoy a wood dinning table where all our loved ones can share a meal together. Here are some of our favourites that would be great in a more minimalistic environment.

The Acton Central Dinning Room:

The Mediterranean Dining Room:

The Strewsbury Table:

The Acropolis Dinning Set:

Socrates Dinning Table:

5. Music

Again, I’ve never heard someone listen to a slow and peaceful piano song and complain on how the music stressed them. So try out relaxing piano music, one of our favourites at the moment is the “suite no. 1 in g major for solo cello”. Youtube it, it’s very relaxing. We hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to share with us ideas to unwind!

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