Get more done with organizing your office space

A couple weeks ago we share ideas about improving your productivity and creativity. We talked about different elements you can improve in your office to help you focus in an oasis type office.

In this article we’ll share some tips and ideas about how to keep your professional space organized. We all know organization takes time, but once your space is well systemized, your daily tasks become less overwhelming. At the end of the day, you’ll be shocked at how much you can get done with a little organization. Follow these simple tips and see how much of a difference they make.

Keep it simple

First step is to simplify your day, we all do the mistake of adding useless tasks to our schedule when it’s really not a priority. I love to create a daily to-do list, the list includes my 5 most important tasks of the day, then below I add my not so important tasks. Making sure you tackle your most important work will help you stay focus and keep your work prioritized. Once that’s done, I can look at the tasks that weren’t a priority and get those done too, if I have time. Keeping it simple is efficient and helps me and many others staying focused without stress.

Declutter your space

I don’t know about you, but a cluttered and messy desk drives me mad! I’m not talking about some papers and pens here and there. I’m talking about stuff that accumulates over a couple weeks and never get organized, that is a recipe for stress and anxiety. I believe we should all create a stress-free zone in any space we live in, especially spaces where there’s more stress like an office. Eliminating the clutter and keeping your desk clean will help you have more room to think and stay calm.

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Frontier Office Set


Bring the outdoors, indoors

I’ve never heard someone complain about being stressed when they relax outdoors. The nature is a calming place, where we disconnect and breath fresh air. I say bring the nature inside your office, the best way to do this, is to include a couple plants. Did you know plants act like an air purifier? That’s right! Plants also bring life to your office with their beautiful green leafs and they also clean your air. The greener the leaf the better, for air purifying that is. Also another tip we love is to play soft classical music in the background while working, classical music is proven to lower your blood pressure and stress. Also helps brain development, which I will never say no to!

We hope these simple tricks help you as much as they helped us!

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