Our favourite kitchen trends plus simple ways to add more flavour to your daily meals

There are so many trends and styles of kitchen we enjoy and here are a few trends we are loving at the moment.

Two tone kitchens

We’ve all seen kitchen cabinets where the lower cabinets were a different colour than the upper ones. We really enjoy this trend because it allows to add more colour to the kitchen plus it creates the illusion of higher ceilings if done properly. Our favourite combination is the upper cabinets to be a lighter colour, in order to create a smooth transition between the two cabinets we also like the countertop to be a lighter colour.

That will connect the upper and lower cabinet in a very effortless way. To add more depth to the kitchen, have fun by adding colour to the lower cabinets. We love blue tones, especially navy or dusty blues. For a more colourful and bold kitchen, yellow tones are stunning, especially when having lots of sunlight come through. Because of the yellow, the sunshine has more impact. The best part is, you can always paint the lower cabinets a different colour when needing a change. It’s an easier option than having to paint the whole kitchen.

Light Fixture

Getting some new light fixtures can really change the look of your kitchen. There are many options depending on what style you are going. We like to go for one bold light fixture and the rest to be a little more simple and classic. It’s a simple way to elevate the look of your kitchen in a practice way.

Dining Furniture

It’s important to have a great table to share meals with your loved ones. Sharing food has a way to connect people and create new memories. We have a stunning selection of dining tables for every style, here’s a peek to a couple of our tables.

Kitchen Hardware

The kitchen cabinet hardwares is a trend by itself. Going for a simple look and adding bold hardwares to cabinets completely changes the space. You can create a more country, modern or elegant look by simply choosing different hardwares.

Indoor Fresh Herbs

We love the trend of fresh herbs in the kitchen! It’s essentially what it sounds like, potted herbs that thrive indoor. There are a handful of herbs to select from, such as basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, parsley…etc. It’s a very healthy and simple way to add more flavours to your daily meals without having to go all the way out to your garden. And if you don’t have a garden, then it’s a great start to learn about ways to plant and maintain your potential food. There are a lot of resources out there with more details if needed, take a look and let us know what system you come up with.

These are a few trends we really enjoyed, what kitchen trends are you impressed by?

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