Embrace a Minimalistic Bedroom and Bathroom

We think bedrooms are one of the most important rooms of the house to be minimalistic and here’s why. It’s a place of rest and rejuvenation. When we think of a minimalistic bedroom, we imagine minimal furniture pieces, a soothing colour scheme and natural or dim lighting. In this article we’ll cover a few actionable steps that you can apply to your bedroom and bathroom to achieve the minimalist look.

First things first, cleaning up! A very simple step that makes a big impact on this whole process. We tend to stuff our bedroom closets with clothes we never wear, things we’ll “eventually” sort out and knick knacks. Today is the day to sort it all out, and it’s very simple to do so. Essentially, if you don’t think you need it, either store it away neatly somewhere, donate it or throw it out. This is one of the most important steps in achieving a minimalistic space.

Once you’ve cleaned up all the clutter around your bedroom, apply these simple steps to your bathroom as well. Next. you might want to rearrange your bedroom furniture for a more breathable layout. We like to place the bed where one can have a nice view looking out of the window. We’re not a big fan of placing the bed right under a window, because there’s no way to enjoy the outdoors from inside. Also, some bedrooms might have minimal storage, which can be difficult to organize all your clothes and possessions. Take a look at our bedroom sets, we handcraft beautiful and sturdy furniture pieces that also provide lots of storage to tuck away all your possessions neatly. Here’s are a small peak of three of our furniture pieces:

Rustic Algonquin Bedroom Set

Stockholm Bedroom Set 2

Frontier Bedroom Set

Having furniture pieces with storage will be a big help in keeping all your items away and organized. Plus it’s a nice way to decorate with functional purposes. Now that your bedroom layout is set and you have enough storage to be organized, feel free to decorate in a way that works for you. What makes you feel peaceful? Maybe having nice paintings of nature or animals? Some of us really enjoy greenery and plants, maybe you’ll want to keep it very simple and decorate with furniture pieces. Think about it and apply it in your bedroom and bathroom.

The bathroom layout might be harder to change, but your bathroom cabinets are one that can be easily renovated. What we like to do, to make the most of our bathroom and still being minimalistic is making the most of our bathroom drawers. We like to organize them in order for everything to have a place. Feel free to contact us and find out how we can build and install custom bathroom cabinets and custom inside the cabinets as well.

We hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to share with us on our Facebook how you style our furniture pieces in your home!

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