Enjoy cleaner air in your office with a diffuser + DIY our favourite essential oil blend

We believe in healthy environments that bring great inspiration, so we have a few tricks up our sleeves that make any office space worth spending hours in. Before we dive into it, we want to talk about our top essential must-have in an office, and that is natural light. Whether you have a home office, rent or own an office…Try to find an area with a window or windows. When working most of the day, it can get a little difficult to get out and enjoy the sunshine or fresh air. Having a window(s) will fix that, you’ll be able to enjoy the daylight and even open the window to savour the fresh air.

Maybe having a window in your office may not be an option at the moment, so here’s our favourite hack to purify the air in your space! Since a majority of the day is spent working, it’s important to pay attention to the air you breath. Some offices are extremely dusty and may have excessive dry air. An easy and affordable way to fix these issues is by purchasing a diffuser. It’s better than candles and has a ton of benefits. Most importantly, you can customize the scent daily based on your preferences and health needs. A diffuser works with water and essential oils blend. You can either buy individual essential oils and make your own blend or purchase oil blends already created for you.

Having a diffuser in your office is extremely useful due to it’s health benefits. Because of the water and oil blend, diffusers reduce the dust in the air and also purify the air. It of course humidifies the air, which helps to breath easier and will make the whole office smell amazing. There are a lot of oil options out there, each having it’s own benefits that specifically help with an issue. This is a great way to enjoy your new environment with health benefits. Here’s one of our favourite blends:

Our favourite morning is:

4 drops of peppermint, 3 drops of orange and 3 drops of lemon

We hope you give diffusers a try and let us know which blend is your favourite. Now let’s add little touches of inspiration throughout your office. Adding pictures of people that inspire you may bring you daily motivation. It could be family members or someone who made a positive impact on the world..It may be motivational quotes and sayings. Not only will your space feel more cozy but it will remind you to keep going. A positive and inspiring space tends to keep the mind more focused.

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