The Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

The Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

Virtually everyone is a bargain hunter these days, and understandably so. The problem is that when it comes to certain purchases, like home furnishings and furniture, bargain hunting can lead to the consumption of poor-quality products.

In the end, you can unwittingly spend hundreds – or even thousands – more dollars in your lifetime that you would have saved at the outset by spending a little more and investing in high-quality, solid wood furniture that’s built to last.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s worth your while to invest in solid wood furniture

1. Purchase furniture that will last a lifetime

Look around your home, what are your most valued possessions? If you’re like many of us, you’re listing some of the valuable antiques and heirlooms that were passed down in your family for one or more generations.

Now, take a look at the furniture you’ve purchased. How many of those items will be solid enough to pass down to your future generations? Antique furniture was built before the advent of a “throw-away” consumer culture, which means most pieces were built to last – and they did!

When you buy furniture today from a reputable furniture store, you’re making an investment in a product that will last a lifetime.

2. Save money

That’s right! By spending more money today buying high-quality, solid wood furniture, you will actually save money. That’s because you won’t be buying replacement furniture in 5-10 years, and then again another 5-10 years after that. Solid wood furniture is a one-and-done investment you’ll never regret.

3. It can withstand a lifetime of wear-and-tear

Most cheap or bargain-priced furniture is made from weak-quality woods and/or they include particle board, which is not built to last.

A solid wood furniture piece will be able to stand up to a lifetime of normal wear and tear without any negative side effects – or, at least none that a little touch-up here and there can’t fix.

4.Wood furniture is an eco-friendly choice

There are several reasons why purchasing solid wood furniture is better for our planet. As mentioned before, high-quality furniture is built for the long-term, which means you won’t be contributing cheap stuff to our landfills any time soon. Even better, solid wood furniture can be repurposed or recycled when you’re through with it.

Many hand-made or solid wood furniture pieces are made by local artisans, which means you support your local community and reduce the fossil fuels required to ship/transport furniture from outside your local area.

5. Your furniture can be customized to your tastes

What’s better than going online or opening up a catalog to order your new furniture? Talking to the furniture maker and having custom pieces made specifically for your home, your plans, or your personal tastes.

Have a room with unique dimensions or a non-traditional shape? No problem. Can’t find the exact right paint- or stain-color(s) to match your interior design? We can. There is nothing like custom-built furniture for enhancing the interior of your home.

Want to enjoy the benefits of quality furniture in your home or office? Give us a call or contact us online. We look forward to showing you all that’s available.

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