Beautiful & Functional Laundry Rooms – Custom Built by Millbank Family Furniture

Although homeowners spend a good amount of time doing laundry and could use an efficient design, most end up neglecting this space because it’s not on display. Take a moment to imagine what your laundry space could look like. A beautiful room with custom built-ins that fit your home perfectly, lovely painted walls, breathable and functional layout that makes laundry day enjoyable!

Did you know we specialize in custom projects? We’ve built several beautiful laundry rooms! Our clients get endless design options with a wide selection of quality woods, hardwares and stains. We custom build every project made to fit perfectly to your home and have a fantastic staff that will be very helpful throughout this process. But most importantly, we listen to your needs and build each custom project with quality solid Canadian wood!

Keep reading to see a few pictures of custom laundry rooms we’ve built. These spaces are aesthetically pleasing, which in turn make laundry day something to look forward to! They also have common areas such as a folding area, sink and storage space to make the laundry room highly functional. Contact us today to find out more about our processes or visit our website here.

Must Haves for the Laundry Room


Storage is useful to maintain a clean and organized space. We find it’s especially helpful in smaller spaces, such as the laundry room. Many homeowners need easy access to the laundry detergent and products in order to make their laundry routine efficient. As shown in these pictures, we love to incorporate storage around the washer and dryer. For bigger spaces, adding additional storage is always a great idea for storing seasonal clothing, decor, vacuum etc..

Work Area:

A work area can be multifunctional and is usually located above the washer and dryer. This adds a productive designated area to the laundry space that can make folding clothes or ironing clothes simpler. Add an ironing mat to avoid damage of the surface area.

Dirty Clothes:

Having a few hampers where dirty clothes can be placed is helpful! This can be a built in or simply placed where you have space in the laundry room!

When planning out a productive space, it’s all about your needs and how to make it easier to get things done! We would love to work with you and plan out your new laundry space! Let’s make laundry day something to look forward to and a beautiful space to be in.

Connect with us on facebook and let us know what your dream laundry room looks like! We also post regularly about our new products or our latest custom projects. For more information about our custom built projects and how our processes work, please go to our website or contact us today! We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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The furniture is all handcrafted by the local craftsmen. We also offer custom made furniture. In addition to our 10 Years Limited Warranty on any Construction Defects. The owner Raymond has built furniture for 15 years and has been in the industry for over 25 years so he has an eye for quality. Learn more about us here.

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